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Training: Not what and how – but where?

A lot of time is invested into the “what” & the “how” workers are trained, but how much consideration is put into the “where” training is conducted? Location is everything

This is my why – what’s your reason?

I read an account from a safety person whose father passed away at 80. He passed away on the operating table whilst surgeons attempted to address problems from a back injury

Safety Excellence Philosophies

Deep-diving into the personal development space, you begin to see many principles that also apply well to business improvement. Bruce shares some of his “gems” from his “inner circle”

Let’s cap our potential!

Compliance is the ugly duckling and whilst businesses do not like admitting that it is a “necessary evil” – the way the underlying systems are rolled out and treated, the implication is too often, plain.

Too smart won’t get you too far

After reading a review of a workplace safety book, written by a “safety expert”, I honestly could not understand what he was saying. The guy was just so clever that my head started to itch.