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Our In-Court Compliance Training supports Employers to Disrupt Complacency, Improve Procedural Buy-In and Increase Risk Awareness


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Mock Courts

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How would your staff cope in the witness box?

The comfort zone is not where we operate. If you want real change you cannot just test the edges. We challenge your audience in the “relative comfort” of a simulated Court Case – introducing them to a never-before experience. We “punish the guilty and keep the innocent nervous” – to help you ratchet compliance toward best practice.

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The Traditional Approach To Compliance Is Broken…

Introspection and change after something seriously goes wrong defies logic on so many levels. Mock Courts promote informed, strategic and deliberate behaviours. Pragmatic and jargon-free.

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The Proactive Solution Is To Bring An Incident To Life In A Court Simulation…

Put your staff in the witness box and tests them in cross-examination… exactly as if they were in a real courtroom. You be the Judge®, as you discover how your staff would cope under these circumstances.

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Bridge The Gap Between Current Workplace Practices and System Expectations…

A in-court trial is an effective way to give your staff a wake up call, because it exposes any mediocrity, complacency or accountability issues there may be… even if intentions were good.

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Court Case Simulations Are A Proven, High-Impact Way Of Engaging People…

Demystify compliance, debunk myths and straight-shooting reality. “Lights” will come on and your staff will identify immediate areas for improvement whilst learning from other companies’ mistakes.

Key Risk Areas

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Safety icon


Protect and preserve the credibility of your safety systems with world-class daily safety rituals. Pick a near miss or a prior incident so your staff can explore the ramifications in a courtroom setting. Watch their attitude to procedural non-compliance adjust before your very eyes.

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The consequences of bullying and harassment can be catastrophic. It is crucial you anticipate and proactively treat this hazard before the next complaint. Promote the importance of psychosocial risk management and provide clarity on Regulator-preferred mitigation strategies to take.

Environmental icon


Highlight your key environmental management system elements to galvanise accountability within your organisation. Failure to heed environmental compliance puts your business at increased risk of large fines and collateral costs – let’s profile your efforts and build engagement.

Due Diligence icon

Due Diligence

Our Mock Courts provide pragmatic insights, tactical takeaways and core competencies for senior management around due diligence. This training highlights how they are at-risk, and what to focus on to minimise their exposure.

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Contractor Management

Confront the possibility of contractor risk collaboratively and interactively with staff in a Mock Court. It is often considered a grey area, where clarity of roles and responsibilities determine success or failure. Let’s stimulate deeper conversations and ensure alignment.


Talk to us about your areas of concern and we can recommend a session that will incorporate your key issues, in an operational context relevant to the group.

Photo of Mock Court 1Step 1 – The Opening

The Opening provides participants with credentials, context and critical distinctions acquired from 30 years prosecuting and consulting to, many of Australia and NZ’s largest employers. This session sets the stage for what is to follow in the Mock Court.

Photo of Mock Court 2Step 2 – The Mock Court

The Mock Court is an interactive simulation of an actual court case. Authentically delivered, but moderated with humour, we test your “voluntolds” in the witness box to highlight the types of practical and legal risks that leave you vulnerable to serious consequences.

Photo of Mock Court 3Step 3 – The Debrief

The Debrief follows the handing down of the Judge’s Verdict. It is a conversation ideally directed by reference to questions, comments and observations of the group to link principles back to the workplace and to address any other issues not otherwise covered by the program.

What Others Are Saying

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“It Definately Made People Think and Act”

"Thank you for such great sessions with our staff. The corridor conversations after each session have been fantastic to hear, it definitely made people think and act."

Katrina Keep, ACT Health

“Absolutely Blown Away”

I was absolutely blown away and cannot thank you enough for providing us with this experience...

Scott Plester, Ventia

“Very Compelling and Entertaining”

I've never had such excellent feedback from staff about WHS training! You have managed to make a dry subject into something very compelling and entertaining."

Alison Port, NSW Government

“A Valuable Experience For All Levels In The Team”

Feedback has been overwhelmingly favourable and unanimous view is that it was a valuable experience for all levels in the team.

Mark Whybro, NSW Fire Brigade

“A Brilliant Demonstration Of How Things Can Escalate”

Thanks so much for the Mock Court Session this morning. It was a brilliant demonstration of how issues can end up escalating if they are not dealt with appropriately and we have already received some brilliant feedback.

Emma Lovesy, Colonial First State