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Performance Metrics for Workplace Bullying

Performance Metrics for Workplace Bullying

I recently published an article highlighting the pitfalls and limitations of the abuse of quantitative lead indicators in risk management performance reporting. This short follow-up article is designed to provide some solutions to this problem as it relates to...

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Know Thy Biggest Enemy – Your Staff

Know Thy Biggest Enemy – Your Staff

The biggest hazard at workplaces will always be our people. Most danger manifests from their interaction with other people, process, plant and the environment. So, we respond by dogmatically promoting risk-averse behaviour to mitigate or even eliminate risk where...

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What Others Are Saying About Mock Court

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“From The Moment We Sat Down You Had Our Attention”

Today was absolutely awesome!! From the moment we sat down you had our attention. You didn’t use scare tactics but you were very honest with the possibility of what can ACTUALLY happen out in the field and also who is potentially responsible…

Rachel Bellino, Seymour Whyte Construction

“Overwhelming Positive Feedback”

Excellent delivery and well suited to the target audience… Overwhelming positive feedback. Better than I anticipated.

Brian Selmes, Snowy Hydro

“A Valuable Experience For All Levels In The Team”

Feedback has been overwhelmingly favourable and unanimous view is that it was a valuable experience for all levels in the team.

Mark Whybro, NSW Fire Brigade

“A Brilliant Demonstration Of How Things Can Escalate”

Thanks so much for the Mock Court Session this morning. It was a brilliant demonstration of how issues can end up escalating if they are not dealt with appropriately and we have already received some brilliant feedback.

Emma Lovesy, Colonial First State