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Safety Excellence Philosophies

Safety Excellence Philosophies

Deep-diving into the personal development space, you begin to see many principles that also apply well to business improvement. Bruce shares some of his “gems” from his “inner circle”

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Let’s cap our potential!

Let’s cap our potential!

Compliance is the ugly duckling and whilst businesses do not like admitting that it is a “necessary evil” – the way the underlying systems are rolled out and treated, the implication is too often, plain.

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Too smart won’t get you too far

Too smart won’t get you too far

After reading a review of a workplace safety book, written by a “safety expert”, I honestly could not understand what he was saying. The guy was just so clever that my head started to itch.

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What Others Are Saying About Mock Court

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“It Definately Made People Think and Act”

"Thank you for such great sessions with our staff. The corridor conversations after each session have been fantastic to hear, it definitely made people think and act."

Katrina Keep, ACT Health

“Absolutely Blown Away”

I was absolutely blown away and cannot thank you enough for providing us with this experience...

Scott Plester, Ventia

“Very Compelling and Entertaining”

I've never had such excellent feedback from staff about WHS training! You have managed to make a dry subject into something very compelling and entertaining."

Alison Port, NSW Government

“A Valuable Experience For All Levels In The Team”

Feedback has been overwhelmingly favourable and unanimous view is that it was a valuable experience for all levels in the team.

Mark Whybro, NSW Fire Brigade

“A Brilliant Demonstration Of How Things Can Escalate”

Thanks so much for the Mock Court Session this morning. It was a brilliant demonstration of how issues can end up escalating if they are not dealt with appropriately and we have already received some brilliant feedback.

Emma Lovesy, Colonial First State